Ashlie, Round 3~ {Ashlie’s Journey}

*If you have just started following Ashlie and her battle, please read these posts first~

Preparing for battle~

Round 1~

Round 2~

As many of you know, Ashlie wanted to document this journey for her daughter Carsen since she is too young to know what is really going on at the moment. One day she will be able to see what a true hero her mommy is.

As always, I want this to be about Ashlie.  I feel privileged to be an eyewitness to what a rock star she and am proud to call her friend.

So here are Ashlie’s feeling about losing her hair~

The Great Head Shave


I decided that I would feel better about losing my hair if I was in control, so when it started to fall out (more quickly each day it seemed), I made plans to shave it. I had completed two rounds of chemo and it was time. My sweet husband offered to do the honors.
Determined to keep it positive and fun, I gathered some dear friends (on short notice) and called it a “Head Shaving Party.”  I cried anyway. I think a lot of us did. But I don’t think I would rather have done it any other way. I felt surrounded by love and support.
I was most afraid that Carsen wouldn’t recognize me. It leaves me heartbroken that she doesn’t have 100% of her mom right now. I wish she knew even a fraction of how much I love her. She seemed a little confused when the shaving began, and a little upset. But then she sat on my lap, and when it was done, she gave me a kiss. I have never felt such relief.
I HAVE to devote 100% to the fight so I can be 100% her mom for many years to come.
Now she likes to touch my head, wig, scarves. It makes her giggle. It’s all going to be ok.


“For God gave us not a spirit of fear, but of power and love and self-control.” 2 Timothy1:7


ashlie hair collage***Don’t forget that October is national breast cancer awareness month. Please give yourself an exam, no matter what age, color, shape, or size you are. If have any doubt, see your doctor. Early detection is key! DO IT!


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