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When Stephanie became pregnant I don’t think anyone was as surprised as Stephanie!  She didn’t think she was able to have any more children, but she and her husband were thrilled at the news. They already have 5 children, so what’s one more right? lol

Stephanie and I met via our joint love of newborn photography, so in conversation one night  I asked her who was doing her birth photography.  No one she said…. I immediately offered myself since I have been wanting to do this again. About a year and a half ago I had the opportunity to photography the birth of twins, and I knew that it was something I wanted to experience one more time.

Birth photography is something that I don’t think I can add to my already busy life, but I love to stretch myself every once in awhile and do something outside of the box as far as my job is concerned.  So what a perfect storm if you will, a friend in need and me in need of a creative “fix.”

Back to the story…Stephanie had me “on call” for a few weeks and every night I would go to bed thinking, this will be the night. As my schedule got busier, I was so worried I would not make the birth, but Mr Henry decided that he wasn’t coming without some help, so induction day came and I was free…hooray!

When I got to the hospital, Stephanie was pretty comfortable, smiling and making jokes while laboring. If you know Stephanie, this doesn’t surprise you I am sure! The tone in the room was full of expectation for the blessing that was to come. Her nurse Kristen (who happened to be a family friend) and the doctor couldn’t have been more supportive. One of my favorite images is the both of them holding Stephanie’s hand through a contraction…wow~

Labor progressed and Henry came fast and furiously before pain relief could come. What a rockstar Stephanie was. It is amazing to see what a woman’s body does itself to give birth. Even having been on the other side 4 times, I just stand in wonder at the miracle of it all!

I will let the photos speak for themselves. What an absolute joy to be a part of Henry’s entry into the world. Thank you Stephanie and Brian for including me.






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